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Virtonomics is a multiplayer online browser game. In Virtonomics, you become a head of a small business and control all aspects of production, advertisement, trading, science research, banking and stock market trading. Players of the game use money to pay rent and salary, purchase raw materials, build, and for production purposes. Money is gained through sales. The goal of this game, just like in real life business, is to make the maximum profit.
You play via web-browser, no need to download any special software.
There are currently 17 economic sectors (i.e., mineral mining, agriculture, etc.) and about 100 kinds of various products represented in the game, but we’re constantly working on increasing these numbers! We open new countries and new manufacturing sectors, and add new products and new productions.
Communication, competition and cooperation.
Real people have a real effect on your real business. Since we’re aiming to make an instructive and fun business simulation, you’re not only playing with a computer in Virtonomics, you’re also playing with real players. Virtonomics joins people from all over the world. We may have different backgrounds, but we have the same passion - business!
Unique system of business training.
Virtonomics is an online browser game, so its main purpose is entertainment. Players with little to no economic or special business experience won’t have trouble understanding the game’s dynamics. These players can even use Virtonomics as a business training system. It will help anyone who plays comprehend every aspect of business activity.
Players in Virtonomics use virtual money. Each player gets a certain fixed sum right after registration. Players can use this money to build enterprises, hire employees, pay expenses and make investments. By selling their products to other users, players can earn additional virtual money and use it to develop their company.
Play Virtonomics at any time and in any place.
To play Virtonomics, you only need a common web-browser and access to the Internet. You don’t have to install any special software. You can play Virtonomics at any time that’s convenient for you.
If your business isn’t running as smoothly as you’d like and you want to start over, refresh your business with the same character without reregistering!
Virtonomics is updated once every 24 hours (at about 4AM Moscow time), at the same time for all players. One update is equal to one game week. Each update evaluates and processes all changes set by players (production, sales, delivery, price changing, etc.). After you see the results of the previous update, you can make new changes in order to improve your business and then wait for the next update.

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