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War2 Glory is a F2P real-time strategy game where players take on the role of a Commander who must rebuild their war-torn city and conquer the world.

Become the ultimate leader and guide the development of your city and expand military forces for war. To achieve victory over others player you must master controlling more than 40 different authentic vehicles from World War II, implement historically proven tactics on a huge map of the world, and draw on strategic skills for managing an empire.

Battles can take place on land, sea and air. You can muster your forces and enter combat alone, or as part of a powerful player Alliance. The graphics in War2 Glory have a wealth of detail and a style that is rarely seem in other online real-time strategy and city management games.


Commander-in-Chief: Lead your empire to a golden age of prosperity.

I Am the Senate: Send out troops to conquer the world.

Strategist: Fight rival forces for vital resources.

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Game Videos

  • War2 Glory Trailer

    Lead your kingdom to resource and military dominance!

  • WAR2 Glory – Release Trailer

    In the real-time strategy game WAR2 Glory, players take on the role of a Commander who must lead the development of his war-torn city.

Game Articles

  • Matthew Cardiff

    the gms in war2glory r corrupt they will screw over non paying players in favour of paying players, they will give players rediculus amounts of troops and huge research advantages and will even go as far as banning players and then go in2 their accounts and giveaway all of their officers gear and citys

  • Paul Ololade Bankole

    W2glory are just fraudsters, they give advantage to certain players and turn them to threat on the server in order for other players to buy more diamond so as to keep up. all they do is Fixing their server!

    • DizzyPW

      Interesting. I’ll have one of my writers check into the game to confirm.

  • 4 STAR

    W2GLORYs staff is so f d up its not funny for them to ban a father and son because they have the same IP address diffrent emails but live in the same household because they think we are cheating to anyone who has played the game you know very well that a player with 2 mill rep cannot help or send resources to a player with 11 mill rep so where is the cheatting? my son never talkes on my account nor i on his we have are own passwords to which i dont know his nor he knows mine but in the eyes of staff we are cheaters and should and were ban for this W2G i would think a player with 2 accounts both being same in rep or close to be able to benefit him/herself would be a cheater but im not from the UK WTF do i know

  • agb1758c

    This game has proven that it is fraudulent. It was just recently proven that the gamemasters have players they supply with outlandish amounts of troops and resources including diamonds that others have to buy. The game has proven to be a joke and not worth playing.

  • David Pappy Papenfuss

    i am compiling screen shots , and other players testimony on this game mr DiZZYPW, maybe you could tell me where or if there is a place to complain about thee gm abuse

  • Dan Klein Jensen

    w2g owners have players in roles of game managers – this is complety ridiculus, as i have yet to see any of them act fairly. In the 5 years ive played ive seen it all. Players get troops regenerated when others dont. Ive seen players banned for attacking certain staff players – ive seen them have limitless amounts of troops (meaning they auto regenrate at 1:1) They monitor the private chat channels, and will use information given there. They will ban players they cant beat. Overall, ive never seen a more corrupt game in my life. When you post proof of your claims on their forums, posts are deleted, and you are banned. Only play this game if you like throwing away money, in a game you will never have a fair shot at.

  • Tara Phillips

    Best advice just stay away from this game unless you enjoy a gaming environment where a select few get the best treatment and help from their friends who work for the game. They ban and mute players then give no explanation of what the offense was while others blatantly and openly break the rules and get no punishment. Then when we report it we are told they will look into it and again nothing is done… They help certain people gain advantages and it basically turns into a school yard bullying situation on a online game server. So save your money and valuable time pass this game over.