War2 Glory Rekindles the Flames of War with New Phoenix Server

War2 Glory Rekindles the Flames of War with New Phoenix Server



Just A Game, rapidly expanding worldwide publisher of interactive multiplayer games for browser and mobile devices, today announced the launch of their next server for WAR2 Glory, a browser game set in the World War II conflict.  WAR2 Glory is a strategic game that allows you to build your own town and defend it.



Current WAR2 Glory servers are so full they’re burning up!  Rising from the ashes is “Phoenix”, the newest server for players to leap into the action.  Named after the Phoenix Breakwaters used in World War II to follow up several naval landings including the Normandy landings; breakwaters were also used to save Ouwerkerk, Netherlands in 1953. The Phoenix Breakwaters are still used to this day in Britain.



The new Phoenix server also allows players both new and veteran to jump into the fray, allowing the formation of new alliances, shaking up the leaderboards and creating a furious, fun-filled battlefield.  Starting today, players will be racing to see who dominates in this new environment.  With over one million players, the push for a new server came not from Just A Game, but from the community itself, where players of all levels of competitiveness wanted to stretch themselves into a new space. OnRPG will be offering a giveaway shortly to celebrate the rise of the Phoenix!



“Phoenix is a great new addition to the WAR2Glory experience, most importantly because it was something the community demanded through its constant growth,” said Kris Litson, senior game manager.  “A new server is not only a great benefit to current players but is a great way to offer new players a level playing ground to join in on the fun.”



Just A Game isn’t done yet.  Soon WAR2 Glory players will find the option to construct all-new ocean fortresses named “Strongholds” and from there, launch the most violent and cunning attacks yet on other alliances!  Soldiers should prepare themselves for the most intense Alliance combat to date. When Strongholds launches, players will be able to utilize new and unique items and officer equipment to out-gun, out-last and out-manoeuvre all who would oppose them. Strongholds are best held as a group.  Alliances – a group of players who band together for protection and dominance – must work closer together than ever before to ensure victory whilst defending and crushing defeat for their opponents when attacking.  Donate resources, units, items and the most powerful officers, because true cohesion is the key to victory and each Alliance is only as strong as its weakest member.



WAR2 Glory is a strategic game that allows you to build your own empire of cities and defend it. The only browser game that allows the players to recreate original units from WWII and recruit soldiers and workers. Players will find more than 40 real units, such as Tiger tanks or Katyusha missile launchers.  Players must also conquer new territories and complete missions to progress, Players will increase their rank, develop massive armies and command multiple cities. Compete with thousands of other players from all over the world as players meet the many challenges placed before them in this innovative and realistic game, based on skillful management of resources.

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