Waren Story

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Intense PvP Warfare – Gather your forces, and then lead the charge to obliterate the competition. Rage through fierce battles in ten challenging PvP modes or power up your character with PvE and guild alignments. Guard your guild stone, occupy enemy castles, and destroy any guilds that dare to stand against you.

Riveting Animation – Each skill offers new ways to eliminate your enemies in glorious fashion. Unleash a hail of arrows, cleave through them with your sword, or demolish them with your fists alone. Conquer the opposition, and become the champion of the battle grounds.

Intricate and Deadly Equipment – Don the armor of Waren’s legendary heroes, then take up your bloodthirsty blade and set out into the wild plains. Waren Story’s customizable gear is as elegant as it is lethal.

Four Dynamic Classes – Will your weapon of choice be a great sword, a bow, or your own bare fists? Choose from four power-packed classes: Warrior, Gunner, Archer, or Brawler. Develop an arsenal of skills and shape yourself into a nimble assailant or fearsome berserker.

Robust Support System – Waren has become a dangerous place since the Great War. Hire a variety of allies to support you on your quest to save your homeland. Recruit up to four mercenaries, ranging from soft spoken Elf archers to rowdy Dwarf warriors.

Item Upgrades – Craft and assemble powerful equipment, or break down your scraps for valuable materials. Gain rare, unique, and artifact-level items by improving your equipment through the use of special crafting materials.

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