Warrior Epic

Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and is no longer available for play.
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Warrior Epic takes online games and the action RPG genre into new territory. To begin, the game is free to download and free to play online with no strings attached. Choose several warriors from a large group of specialized classes and play cooperative campaigns or slug it out with friends in PVP. All of this can be set up in a matter of minutes. We are dedicated to bringing out new content such as players, monsters, equipment, and stories every month.

In Warrior Epic there is no single hero. You must choose the appropriate warrior class for the job. You have, at your disposal, many warrior classes to choose from.

Your hall grows in strength with your warriors. As you develop more rooms become available giving access to more abilities and equipment.

Death is not the end for a brave warrior. They may be summoned back to the battlefield to assist the living in a magnificent display of power. If you wish for your warrior to once again walk amongst the flesh, then the option to summon him back to life is also available.

Warrior Epic is designed to be played online in either a solo campaign, or with friends. The in game interface makes it easy to chat with friends, invite fellow warriors into community games, or meet new potential companions.

Possibility Space has developed unique technology that allows you to start playing even before the whole game is downloaded. Simply run our tiny install file and you will be playing within minutes.

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