WildStar Teases Frozen Arcterra Update

Carbine today released their first screenshots and sparse details about the next addition to the WildStar Nexus Saga, the frozen wasteland of Arcterra.

WildStar Arcterra Announcement

Arcterra promises snowballing villains as the more bosses you defeat in an area, the bigger and more abundant the baddies become. Meaning your frenzy will be rewarded by no doubt epic loot. The most epic of which likely to come from rare keys dropped by the biggest bosses, letting you into secret faction exclusive dungeons! Which will be key to completing the unique Arcterra reward tracks to snag yourself new winter outfits, mounts, and more.

On the story side you can join up with friends or play solo to tackle the next stage of the battle between Drusera and The Entity. What awaits you in the Vault of the Archon? You’ll have to play to find out!

WildStar Arcterra Announcement

Check out more screenshot teasers on the official site.

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