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Come discover Xiah: Rebirth, a fantastic new world of powerful magic and ancient evil set in the mystical realm of Asian Mythology. The Five Element enchantment system allows you to imbue your items with the forces of the elements themselves and upgrade them an unlimited number of times, granting your weapons powerful special attacks to combat the monsters that ravage the countryside. Gain access to the deadly Dragon Strike attacks via the Rebirth System, a set of martial arts training which will allow your character to receive vast new abilities and power as you level up.

The world of Xiah: Rebirth is waiting to be explored, with dangerous enemies and dark magic to face around every turn. Are you ready to join the fight?"

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Detailed graphics:
The graphics are extremely detailed. The realistic graphics make the user experience more enjoyable.

Advanced monsters:
Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on the Artificial Emotion (AE) system for monsters. The NPCs (nonplayable characters) in Xiah are based on the AI system as well. For example, a monster running away can return to attack users when it meets other monsters who will cooperate in attacking the player.

Console online experience:
Console online means you will feel the playing style of a consol game when playing Xiah. It has advantages over console and online games. For example, users can concentrate on Xiah with a console game intensity and communicate with other users easily with the online game aspect.

UI(user interface) System based on HCI:
One of the most important elements in a video game is the UI (user interface). Xiah has 3 factors of HCI (Human Computer Interface): technical support, user friendly and graphical design. You will experience the easiest and the most convenient UI from Xiah.

Xiah was created for play using various points-of-view:
Xiah offers both the first and third person view with both control interfaces (keyboard or a mouse). Users can see the background and the characters from a variety of angles. Players can opt to view the game environment in a real-life type of view by choosing the first person view.

Community system:
You can create relationships with other users in Xiah. The most popular communal systems are the "Guild" and "Party" systems. The email communication system called "Letter" allows for information to pass between players. With the extensive and dynamic communication system at your disposal; you will feel like you are right in the middle of the world of Xiah.

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