8Realms VIP Kingdom and OnRPG Flag Giveaway

CLICK HERE to access your VIP Kingdom and limited edition OnRPG flag!

OnRPG is teaming up with Jagex to get you access to their browser-based RTS masterpiece, 8Realms! Also we’re throwing in a nifty OnRPG flag to boot!

8Realms is a free to play, online multiplayer strategy game and is a slight departure from what Jagex is known for. In principal you are the proprietor of a settlement which, through trading, researching, building and battling, you level up through 8 ages – Ancient, Classical, Feudal, Renaissance, Imperial, Industrial, Modern and Future.


The game is a persistent, Real Time Strategy Game where the game is never ‘off’ – unlike other games, logging out of the world does not mean your game disappears, it is still going on. It is a portable game that can be accessed and played on any internet enabled device. In essence you can log on at home, log-on on the way to work on your Smartphone/iPad, and log on again at work.


This key giveaway is much simpler than most we run at OnRPG. To access your OnRPG flag and get a VIP Kingdom account, simply click on THIS LINK and submit the prepopulated code on the landing page. Then fill out your account information and you can hop straight into the game from there!

This event has expired.