AeriaGames Crystal Saga Novice Pack Giveaway

OnRPG is teaming up with Aeria Games to celebrate the launch of Crystal Saga‘s newest server by offering starter packs to get you straight into the action.


 Crystal Saga players begin their adventure in the mystical world of Vidalia by taming pets, refining skills, and embarking on a journey to find the legendary pieces of the Crystal of Life. Players compete with their friends in action-packed player versus player (PvP) battles, gain mythical equipment, and explore captivating surroundings.

Crystal Saga features:

Extensive PvP Gameplay:
Crystal Saga is an open world for competitive PvP matches. Players can switch between five PvP modes to bring the game’s thrilling combat to life. These include Peace mode, Justice mode, Evil mode, Guild mode, and Party mode.

Multiple Classes:
Crystal Saga brings a range of special abilities in classes such as Knight, Rogue, Priest, Ranger, and Mage. Each class offers a unique set of strengths that prepare players for battle.

Pets, Soul, and Wings: Players can tame a variety of pets and train them to enter battle and assist with killing monsters. Players can also unlock their soul and earn a special aura or equip their character with elaborate wings.



Novice Package Includes:

Teeka Egg x2: Double click to hatch. Hatching has a CHANCE to spawn a RARE Teeka pet.

1 Hour AFK Card x1: Provides you with 1 hour of AFK mode time.

2x EXP x1: Gain 200% EXP from all mob kills. Lasts 1 hour.

Green Dragon Coin: Use for Green Dragon Hunt and win prizes.

Sands of Time: Resets your character’s skill points.


To get your key you have to follow these instructions:

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  • Enter your OnRPG username and password below to get your key.
  • The key will appear at the bottom of the page. Copy & paste it to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser!

To Redeem your Key:

Visit for a detailed guide to redeem your key!

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