Age of Wushu Tempest of Strife Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Snail Game for the launch of their fourth expansion to Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife. Grab your Guardian Pack now!

“Age of Wushu: Tempest of Strife takes the game to an entirely new level by letting players join a new sect and having to deal with various harsh weather elements,” said Game Director Hao Han. “With our revamped graphics, classes and mechanics, we consider this fourth expansion to significantly further enhance the game and make it feel like an entirely new game since its launch.”

Catch ApocaRUFF’s full preview article for further details.

The Guardian Pack Includes:

  • Ingame Title: Storm Fighter*1
  • Golden Snake Hair Ornament (Drawing)*1
  • Dihuang Pill*5
  • Traveling Token*5
  • Hot and Spicy Rectum*10
  • Star Blossom Root Pill*20
  • Heart-Fortifying Capsule*20
  • Large Heaven Undertaking Pill*10
  • Steamed Stuffed Bun*20
  • Some Silver Pieces 200L
  • Dawan Horse (14 Days) *1



To Redeem your Key:

  • Register an Age of Wushu account here.
  • Redeem your key here.
  • Characters will receive the items via in-game mail within 24 hours.

This event has expired.