Age of Wushu World of Contenders Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Snail Games to celebrate the ultimate tournament of champions with Age of Wushu‘s World of Contender’s Update!


World of Contenders brings a plethora of updates to the Age of Wushu world including fourth internal skill cultivation, couple skills, the long awaited Grandmaster initiated School Lessons, Treasure Assassin, the Dragon and Tiger Tournament, weekly School Rivalries, and the new World of Adventure. There’s never been a better time for PvP lovers to get into the action.

The Contender Pack Includes:
Dawan Horse (14 days)
Infiltrate and investigate * 10
Medium Ruyi Pill
Steamed Bun*200
Bag of silver pieces
Reputation Scroll(5000)
Zichen Pill*3
Feather Clothes Set (14 Days)
Heartless Suit (14 Days)


To Redeem your Key:

  • Sign up for an account or log-in at the official site’s gift redemption page.
  • Make sure to create a character in-game before redeeming your key.
  • Packs should arrive within 24 hours of redemption. Only one pack per account.

This event has expired.