Chaos MMO Beta 2 Pack Giveaway

OnRPG has partnered with Joyfun for their latest MMORPG, Chaos MMO. Join their second polished beta test with a free pack of goodies now!

“Chaos” is the first multi-hero 3DARPG web game. Each hero has its own characteristic. The player can match the heroes as wish. Experience open battles with delicate graphics and gorgeous skill effects. Enter an eternal battle between the Asmodian and Protoss as you quell riots, face ferocious beasts, and take part in epic airship battles to bring down the dragon threatening all. Players can gain experience from Space Battles, Airship Escorts, Arena, PvE missions, and plenty more.

The Beta Pack Includes:

  • Magical Chest*10.
  • Level 20 Equipment Scroll Chest*2.
  • Transporting Cannon*2.
  • Socket Drill.
  • 1 Million Silver!


To Redeem your Key:

  • Sign up for a Joyfun account here.
  • Create your character and complete the tutorial.
  • Upon entering the main village, find the Gift Envoy. She is next to the entrance of Mary Herc instance, to the right of the Tavern in Capital Pride.
  • Input your Key, and press the exchange button to claim rewards.

This event has expired.