Dragon Oath Screenshot Contest

OnRPG is working with ChangYou to give away 25 exciting prizes for Dragon Oath.

Would you like to enjoy the best Free-to-Play MMORPG Dragon Oath and win great prizes? Simply snap a picture while playing Dragon Oath Open Beta and submit to win!

The screenshot must include your character with a scenic background as a major part of the screenshot. Please remember! The prettier the better!

Entries will be accepted until the 30th of November. Winners will be announced on the 4th of December!

To have a chance to win follow these instructions:

Prizes you can win:

  • Mount: Elephant – Summons a regal elephant mount. Increases travel speed by 70%. Lasts 7 days.
  • Riding: Elephant – Use this scroll to teach the character how to ride an elephant. Skill is permanent.
  • Flower Rain – Use this item to create a beautiful rainstorm of flowers. Sure to impress the ladies and guys alike.
  • Luxury Blue Capsule – Consuming this item will increase your double experience time by one hour!
  • Tigrish Hunt – Wear this outfit to give your character the look of a fierce hunter. Lasts 30 days.

Dragon Oath Best Features:

  • Experience the strife and conflict between the warring factions and leave your mark in the battle-filled world.
  • Choose one of 9 martial arts classes and develop uniquely powerful skills and abilities that will define you as a true force with which to be reckoned.
  • Engage on teamwork and community, including marriage, teams, guilds and master/disciple relationships.
  • Experience over 100 automated 24/7 In-Game Events.
  • Own 276,000 pets of different attributes and styles.
  • Learn over 320 fabulous martial art skills and abilities.
  • Engage in over 410 storyline quests.
  • Own over 140 sets of ultimate equipments and 116,000,000 distinctive weapons.
  • Ride or fly on over 70 different types of mounts.
  • Make your personal item shop the most popular shop in cities by utilizing shop advertisement system.

This event has expired.