Fiesta Free Prize Giveaway

Try Fiesta For A Chance to Win!
Outspark and onRPG are giving away prizes to 10 lucky Fiesta players, including gift cards and enough SparkCash to pick out some fine phat lewt. Click here to register for Fiesta and enter for a chance to win.  Hurry, this offer is only good for new players and runs until July 21, 2009.
First prize will be a $200 gift card and 15,000 SparkCash. Second prize will be a $100 gift card and 10,000 SparkCash. Third prize will be a $50 gift card and 10,000 SparkCash.
As an added bonus, reach Level 7 and receive a free HP Magic Potion!  The HP Potion will be automatically added to your account within 24 hours.  Use the HP Potion to add to your powers, defeat the forces of evil, & level up faster.
Fiesta is 100% free to play- no charges for registration, download, or game play!
Click here to register for Fiesta and enter for a chance to win.
About Fiesta
Fiesta is a free multiplayer online role-playing game set in the colorful land of Isya. Inside the game’s vibrant and immersive environments, players can socialize, make friends and battle ferocious monsters on a quest for fame and fortune.
With hundreds of quests, player-versus-player content, item crafting and much more, Fiesta is a full-featured MMO promising plenty of fun. For even more ways to personalize the game, players are invited to visit the Fiesta Store, which offers hundreds of premium items for sale including new outfits, speedy mounts, cute pets and other items designed to make each experience unique.
Fiesta’s rapidly growing community of friendly players are what make the game truly special, and new members will quickly discover that they are not alone. The game also features an active group of Outspark Game Masters who hold in-game events each week for participants of all skill levels. Whether their focus is on battling fierce monsters, scouring the land for treasure or dressing up and dancing, events are fun social gatherings not to be missed!
Click here to register for Fiesta and enter for a chance to win.
Contest Rules
The contest & Level 7 free premium item awards are only open to new Fiesta players on new Outspark IDs. A new player is defined as a unique and new registration and character creation within Fiesta. The sweepstakes will run from June 25, 2009 to July 21, 2009. Winners will be notified by email, so a valid email address is required upon registration. Winners must also supply their SparkID for verification purposes. Once the SparkID is verified the SparkCash will be electronically deposited to the account within 48 hours. gift card winners will receive an electronic gift card at the provided email address. Players who reach Level 7 in Fiesta will automatically receive a free premium item added to their account within 24 hours of reaching Level 7.  Notification of this prize will be sent via email.  Limit one free Level 7 item per Spark ID. Winners agree to use of their SparkID for promotional purposes (websites, forums, etc.), Outspark will not release any personal or registration information. Due to game license restrictions, Fiesta is not available for game play in all countries. Sweepstakes is only valid on Fiesta played on Outspark and does not apply to any copies or similar versions of the game hosted by any other game publisher.

This event has expired.