Gamania Brings Web Koihime Musou’s Battle Maidens to Life!

Watch as Web Koihime Musou’s Battle Maidens are brought to Life! Gamania and OnRPG have teamed up to cover a competition of epic proportions as four cosplay geniuses battle it out to create the Ultimate Koihime Musuo Cosplay Competition for the upcoming Los Angeles Anime Expo.



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Web Koihime Musou is a browser-based strategy simulation game based on the famous Japanese visual novel, animated series and IP, Koihime. As a Lord of either the Gi, Go, or Shoku Kingdom, players will partner with beautiful Warlords – all-girl versions of famous characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms – to conquer and unite the Three Kingdoms.



This summer Gamania is working with a talented group of ladies to bring some of Web Koihime Musou’s Battle Maidens to life due to the overwhelming interest from the community in response to the cosplay photos done overseas. The team of ladies will be working to bring SoSo, Ryubi, Choun, and Sonsaku to life, and will also be providing updates on their progress to both OnRPG and the Web Koihime Musou’s communities over the next few weeks. Be sure to keep track of their progress as OnRPG and Gamania will be asking the public to vote for their favorite cosplay lady once all the outfits are complete! We’ll be announcing the winners in an official video interview at Anime Expo, as well as rewarding those who vote and post on our forum thread with special in-game items!


Introducing the Contestants:


Sushi Monster



Hi everyone I’m Sushi Monster and I’ve been cosplaying since 2005. The reason I got into it was because I really like anime and video games, and ever since I went to my first Convention I saw all these people dressed up as my favorite characters or just some really cool costumes so I wanted to do it too. Ever since then I’ve been a total addict! Also I really like the social aspect of cons like getting to meet so many friends who are into the same series as me.

In Web Koihime Musou, the character that i’ll be cosplaying as is Ryubi. The reason why I chose her was because I really like her cute design and she has such a charming personality in the anime. I think it will be a great challenge, especially doing her wig and some of the sculpting work on her sword, since I’ve never done prop work before.

Hope everyone has a great day!






Hey everybody, my name is Manzi and I’m going to be portraying SoSo from Web Koihime Musou. I first started cosplaying in 2009; I’d always gone to conventions but I never considered cosplaying. But when I met Vanessa and my other cosplay friends, they really inspired me and encouraged me to do it myself.

I was originally drawn to the character SoSo by her design, I tend to be drawn to blonde characters. I really love the colors: the blues and purples and particularly enjoy the small pieces of armor she has as well as her giant scythe. I’m much more a prop person than I am a traditional sewer, so I jump at the opportunity to make armor; that’s really my specialty. I think it’s gonna be great so stay tuned!





Hi my name is Vanessa and I’m really excited to be participating in the Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Event! I’ve been cosplaying for about 10 years. In 2001, I went with two of my best friends to Anime Expo and we met a lot of really cool people that dressed up in costumes they had made themselves. It was awesome to meet other creative people that were into the same things that I was in to. I decided next year I’m going to do this, and so in 2002, I made my first costume for a convention!

I’m really excited to be cosplaying as Sonsaku because her character is very regal and I was drawn to the detailed design of her hair, like the trims, beading and cool hair pieces. I think the toughest part will be her dress since it’s very fitted, very tailored, and very sexy! Getting the fit perfect is going to be the biggest challenge, but I like doing that kind of stuff so I think it will a very fun costume!





Hi everyone, my name is Jenny, some of you may know me as Daitenshi. I’ve been cosplaying since about 1998, but my first time cosplaying at a convention was Fanime 2001. I’ve done a lot of video and anime costumes, but my favorite thing to do is fantasy inspired costumes; I love designing my own thing and then creating it from the ground up.

I first came to know the Web Koihime Musou Cosplay project from some friends and I’m so excited to be a part of this! I watched the series, I played a little bit of the game, I’m really drawn to the character Choun. She’s very strong, she’s a warrior, but she’s also really sarcastic and has these wonderful little quirks. Her costume is a little plain so I’m definitely going to be doing a lot of texture and little touches, like the beautiful butterfly-esque designs on her sleeves. It’s a very short kimono design that is going to require a lot of support, so it’s going to be interesting to create the understructure and then pull the rest of the costume together around that.

I hope you guys will cheer for me and look forward to my progress updates!



To follow the cosplay progress, you can visit either of the following sites:

1.       Web Koihime Musou’s Living Battle Maidens homepage –

2.       Web Koihime Musou’s Facebook page –!/koihimeenglish


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