Pirate Galaxy Closed Beta Giveaway

Win a key to the Pirate Galaxy Closed Beta test!

It is a dark age for humankind. The different species of the galaxy compete aggressively for cryonite, the most valuable mineral in the known universe. The mantis, a ruthless and powerful breed of space aliens, have gained supremacy over the cryonite-bearing planets.

In Pirate Galaxy you take the role of a daring starship pilot, joining an organization of space pirates determined to take back from the Mantis what they have taken from you — the pride, the dignity, and the liberty of the human race!

To be eligible for a Pirate Galaxy Close Beta Key you have to follow these instructions:

To get a Closed Beta Key:

  • Go to the Pirate Galaxy Closed Beta page and start the game (browser- or client-version).
  • Click on “New Account”, fill out the fields and click “Register”. You should get a confirmation e-mail shortly afterwards.
  • Send a mail to Onrpg Contests and include your Onrpg forum name and Pirate Galaxy account name!
  • Once you are unlocked for the closed beta, you’ll be notified by another e-mail.

Duration: February 5 – February 19

Note: There are 100 Closed Beta Keys available, so react fast!

This event has expired.