Runescape PVP Worlds Give-away

Onrpg is working together with Jagex to give away PvP World acounts with 6 months free membership!:

To celebrate the release of PvP Worlds to RuneScape, we are offering all members at Onrpg the chance to win six months of membership to RuneScape, absolutely free! To be eligible for this prize, you will simply need to sign up at and become a RuneScape member between the 15th of October and the 30th of November!

On the 1st of December, we’ll randomly select ten winners and post the list right here. If you win, we’ll notify you via your in-game inbox before adding those six months of free membership. Good luck!

About PvP and the PvP World:

About PvP

Ever found yourself wanting to say, “Look, it’s my tree. If you don’t stop chopping it…I’ll chop you!” Sounds cool, right? Yeah, but where could you do it? And when? The answers are PvP worlds and October!

From log-in, those that are interested in PvP content will be able to join in on special PvP worlds. The danger on these worlds will be very clear from the first messages you see, ensuring that players never log onto these worlds by mistake. After all, we don’t want players accidentally getting involved with PKing (player killing) if they don’t want to. Normal, non-PvP worlds will still act just as they do now, so don’t worry if bashing others isn’t really your thing.

Those that want to get involved will find a number of differences to the usual set-up on PvP worlds. Firstly, you’ll be able to fight people pretty much anywhere, so long as their Combat level is similar to yours (within a certain range of levels). This means that almost everywhere is dangerous. Some places, like banks and respawn points, will be deemed “safe” and no combat will be able to occur there, and some of the minigames will be disabled (you won’t be able to PK team mates while playing Castle Wars, for example) but many will still be active. Other places, like Falador, Varrock and the entirety of the Wilderness, will be considered ‘hot spots’ where the danger will be even greater and a higher concentration of opponents.

Now, onto the money side of things. Many of you will be aware of the RWT (real-world trading of RuneScape gold for money) reasons we changed the old Wilderness. We certainly can’t just bring that threat back to RuneScape, so we have devised a system that rewards players based on a variety of factors. This means that things such as risk, level of foe and location will help to calculate rewards. Drops will be determined by a combination of drop tables and some of the gear that your opponent drops. We will go into more depth about this on the day of release – stay tuned!

This event has expired.