Silkroad-R Ipad 2 Leveling Contest Giveaway

OnRPG is teaming up with Joymax for one of our greatest contests ever! In celebration of the launch of Silkroad-R we are hosting a leveling competition! Those that challenge the gauntlet and survive will be given a shot at winning one of 20 iPad 2s!



The rules of this contest are simple. To register you must sign-up for a new account using the following link:


OnRPG Official Sign-up Page


Once on the landing page, click the green ‘sign-up’ button on the top right corner and follow all directions to create your new Joymax account!  Now a word of caution. You must click through to the landing page from this giveaway page only. If you try copying and pasting it to a friend and they don’t transfer to Joymax’s registration page via OnRPG, your account will not be flagged as eligible for the competition.



Once that is taken care of, participants will have until February 24th to level a character up to 20. If you accomplish this, rest assured that you have been entered to win one of 20 iPad 2 32GB Wi-Fi Blacks!



Within 7 days of the contest ending, Joymax will contact us with the list of randomly selected winners from the pool of qualifying accounts. We will post the winners within this page and on the forums to announce the winners so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook at the end of February to stay informed!



Unfamiliar with Silkroad-R? Check out their Latest Trailer and get acquainted prior to hopping into the game.


Update: OnRPG now hosts the download client. Grab it HERE.



Disclaimer: Contest winners determined at the discretion of Joymax. Contestants may only enter if currently residing in North America, Europe, Turkey, or Egypt. Those registering on the event page without transferring through OnRPG’s event page will not be eligible for prizes. Winners must confirm their physical mailing address on OnRPG forums by messaging their address to DizzyPW within 7 days of being contacted or forfeit their prize. Should a winner forfeit their prize or be found in violation of any rules, a pool of 5 runner-ups will exist. A random drawing will occur to determine which runner-up(s) receives the spare prize. Runner-ups may be contacted up to 14 days following the end of the competition to be alerted of their winnings.

This event has expired.