Tales of Pirates Christmas Gift Package Hand-out

Onrpg is working with IGG to give away Christmas Gift Packages. This giveaway is for all new members who have interest in play Tales of Pirates. Each package will be written into CD-key, so it is just similar to an account giveaway.

The Christmas Gift Package includes:

– Fairy of Ration: replenishes stamina of pet fairy by 50 upon feeding (you will get a fairy when you level up to 10).

– Super Candy Stick: you can use it to attend the event Hexathlon which will level you up very fast. The event NPC Passerby – Wowo is living in Shitan City (846,3499).

– Pet Summon Scroll: double-click to summon a lovely pet to follow you!

– Mini Amplifier of Strive: grants double experience for a period of time. For players below level 40.

To get your Gift Package you have to follow these instructions:

To use your CD-Key:

  • Registar an IGG account and log in.
  • Download and install the client.
  • Create a character, and afterwards enter the game
  • Go back to the IGG contest page.
  • Enter the Serial Number, the CD-key
  • Find your Christmas Gift Package in the Storage Box!

Note 1: one account and one IP only can get one key.

Note 2: please make sure you have 4 slots vacant in the character’s inventory.

This event has expired.