Hello, Haven’t posted a review in awhile, so here’s one, I know theirs already a review for AdventureQuest, but oh well. You will also need latest flash installed to play.

Sound: No sound, it’s being worked on so. I have heard some of it, you will have to look for it, it was ok. Although it probably as changed a lot. Can’t really score this one

Graphics: Late last year, it got a graphics upgrade and now theirs animation (things move). And judging that it’s made with flash and is played on your browser, the graphics are great.7/10

Community: Since this is a single player game, you won’t find anyone while you play except npcs. Although when you go to chat or the message board, the community is great. Most of the people on the message board are friendly and helpful and the staff are great also. Although some people don’t like people asking questions on the message board and make fun of people spelling (Which is weird) but overall, the people are nice. (Sadly chat doesn’t work for me). 6/10

Quests/Events: One thing I really like, are all the quests you can do. (Although to travel to other places for other quests, you need to donate a one time fee of 12 dollars to get to them). The newer quests feature a walk around quest, the quest reward is pretty good, three to get in the quest. My favorite thing is, occasionally they do a war which is available for everyone and if its Christmas or Halloween they change the layout of the town to fit the setting of it. 9/10

Pets The pets are great and have a nice variety. Sometime they well let pets level up. Which would be alot of fun. Plenty of variety. 6/10

Monsters: Tons of monsters to fight, most look really cool too, although, you tend to find the same monster again alot. Another problem is, their Exp/Gold reward are not balanced. For example, an emerald golem is weaker then a ruby golem, EG gives better rewards. RG gives worst rewards. And others need to be worked on also. 4/10

Overall: The game is great and addicting. It gets updated often and most…of the players are great. The creator(s) even gets on and talks to people on the message board or chat. Theirs plenty of quests to do (especially if you pay a one time fee of 12 dollars, but it’s worth it) and the events are great. 7/10

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