Apocalypse Beta


This game has progressed in the period of 3 years to a booming game in 6 months of an implementation. I played Version 3.5 and the beginning of the fourth age. The 4th age came and went due to bugs but releasing in 4 days from this post, it should be good from what I saw. Testers now say it is completely stable. Due to rushing it was bad when players entered, with 4 bugs bogging down gameplay, but now it is fine. The admin is friendly and players are pretty competitive. They added trading, alliances, private messages, improved attacking and also a new system to keep track of a province.

This game lost score because of course it is a beta and can improve and also the ages are too short in my opinion. I know the admin wants to give a chance for newbs to join but a month and a half is kind of short.

The good part is that between ages theres like a 1-2 week break. And new features come in quite often because it is a beta.

It isn’t hard to learn, signup is easy, gameplay is fun and sometimes addicting, so overall its an 8.

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