12-10-2006 Arch. Cave & Making Syrnia more user friendly

The respawning of monsters, chests, resources, and items in the Arch. cave has been fixed. Some items didn’t properly respawn or respawned not frequently enough.
Now go get those rare weapons…
There are 3 saurusses waiting a.t.m.

In addition to the new layout I have also reduced the movement times on the main island since I believe the high times would make new players quit instantly.
The new players will also start on a Tutorial island where they will need to complete some basic tasks like mining,smithing,cooking and fishing in order to go to Sanfew and start Syrnia.
An extra (easy) beginners manual has been added for people who hate much text, and an ‘event’ manual has been added.
For donations who donated 50 or more euros an highscore history has been added; they will be able to lookup all highscores from 26-08-2006 untill now.
…other news: A tin vein has been found at Nabb mines.

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