8Realms Announces Top OnRPG Players in VIP Test

8Realms Announces Top OnRPG Players as VIP Test comes to a Close



Later this week Jagex will be bringing their highly successful 8Realms beta testing to a close. 8Realms is a browser-based empire builder that follows in the footsteps of giants like The Settlers and Civilization by taking players from the dawn of man to the modern era and beyond as they build their empire alongside many others in a persistent world MMORTS.



OnRPG has been running a giveaway for the last month (and it’s not too late to hop in!) and, with the help of Jagex, have tracked the most successful players to bear the limited VIP test OnRPG flag! We’d like to congratulate the following players for standing tall as the greatest leaders to represent OnRPG in beta:



Progress Through the Game

  1. Goodland
  2. Sup
  3. Aragorn
  4. Mayo
  5. Athan
  6. Newdawn
  7. DrunkCity
  8. Xaxaxa
  9. Spetsnaz
  10. Latvija



Total Gold

  1. Goodland – 1,278,620
  2. Sup            – 243,000
  3. Athan        – 189,000
  4. Aragorn    – 162,000
  5. Mayo         – 162,000
  6. Newdawn  – 162,000
  7. DrunkCity   – 81,000
  8. Xaxaxa         – 81,000
  9. Ylys               – 81,000
  10. Spetsnaz      – 13,500



OnRPG gives a shoutout to all our participants that took up our banner and fought the good fight. But as for the new recruits still looking to get into the game? Check out our impressions article by Proxzor for more info.

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