A Half Year Experience – Elf Online Veteran Interview

A Half Year Experience – Elf Online http://elf.happymmo.com Veteran Interview

How is it that a single game can acquire a player base of over 1 million subscribing members in China, Marlbor0, a veteran player from Elf Online http://elf.happymmo.com Chinese version, explains this phenomenon is simply due to the innovative Semi-ATB pk and guild war system in game, and all kinds of pets of the game. “You really feel like you are playing with a group of friends you’ve known for long and battle against others in war” Marl explains.

Unlike traditional gaming environments that focus on defeating an artificial intelligence, Elf Online http://elf.happymmo.com expands on this base by incorporating a massive social network of players all around the globe. It’s within these social networks that players develop relationships and friendships with each other.

And we are delighted to do an interview with the current best and strongest player in Elf Online http://elf.happymmo.com English Version U.S – “Marlbor0”

We checked on Marlbor0’s progress this month and found him plugging along merrily through grinding, quests … and yes, levels. Intrigued, we contacted the player behind the toons to find out what’s behind this novel way of playing Elf Online http://elf.happymmo.com.

What kind of time do you spend on Elf each week? How often do you play?

Marlbor0: I play around 10 hours per day with my friends taking turns. I’ve still been playing nearly every day. I’m still collecting items and training pets for future considerations, and I want to earn enough money so I can buy what I can’t make or grind.

It looks like PvP and Guild War is a huge part of your strategy. Do you foresee continuing to PvP and dominating the guild war the whole way up?

Marl: I have to say, guild war and pvp are the funnest part of the game, but there aren’t much competiton for me now: both on 1on 1 duel or 5 on5 duel . I would love to see more new players joining elf and compete with me .

So tell us — is what it takes to be so powerful?

Marl: Hm, basically, for a game like this, all I needed to do was to get a decent pet from the start. With a great pet, I can work my way training and pking without any troubles. And also, I am making 750 k gold everyday from protection fee of the siege war, which is a huge advantage.

How long have you been playing MMOs?

Marl: I have been playing mmo for quite a long time. I played WOW for 2 years and subsequently followed by Conquer Online for a year. I had great success on both games as well.

What about in-game support — do you have a guild or friends who help you out, or is this strictly a solo effort?
Marl: I play this game with a few real life friends, and I’ve met some great friends like YummyOres and HolyMonk in the game who helped me a lot.

Have you ever encounter any struggles?

Marl: Well, yes, when I started to play this game, there was a guild completely dominating the server, and I couldn’t stand that. So, I start building up my team and create my own guild to go against them. It was very tough at first, being outnumbered and out leveled. But ,eventually we conquered them .

What do you do Everyday on Elf Online http://elf.happymmo.com ?

Marl: Basically , I grind and do daily events and do quests, the quests in elf are very fun , and I usually chat in game while doing it. Sometimes I would meet enemies in my way, and we would start battling each other, which brings lots fun.

Happymmo is obviously a new company in the MMO field , whats your anticipations for us?

Marl: I foresee that this game will become very popular soon, since the Chinese version is very well-liked. For a free mmo like this, the graphics are very well, and little lag, with a fun system , great values, and I think the item mall prices are very reasonable

Ok Thank you for the interview, hope you have a great game.

Marl: Thx

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