Age of Armor Death Match Recruit Arena

Death Match Recruits Arena

Scientists sent a satellite to ice planet to develop a new kind of poisonous and caustic gas. Unfortunately, an unknown kind of gas leaked out, researchers had to leave the planet, leaving the abandoned satellite suspending on the planet. After many years, some brave armor soldiers found this place and took it as a place for improvement. But the poisonous and caustic gas had spread all over the planet, although the soldiers had excellent armors, the gas may destroy their armors anytime. It was still a great challenge for them, so they called this place as Death Arena! As time went by, crowds of armor soldiers came to this place for competition and many people lost their life here. The planet became more and more disordered. People gradually got to accept some rules; they called it like a Death Match! Here, no god’s bless, no accompanier’s help, only you could be the most reliable one! This is a place for the strongest one! Brave warriors, bring your weapons and bullets, drive your armors and begin the adventure now!

Death match for Recruits is a battle royal type competion; it is a PK arena dedicated set for recruits who have no PK chances. Players between level 10~30 could attend this competition, held on every Monday and Thursday, from 19:00 to 20:30, in Recruit Base.

At 19:00, players could found Match Manger to sign up at Recruit Base and it will finish at 20:20. Then, competitors could enter into match space to prepare the match by clicking the Death Match Manger in Bourse after 19:20. After checking qualifications, competitors could enter into Death Arena and begin the competition at 19:30. The competition will end at almost 20:30, and then competitors can begin to check high sores.

Killing one could get 2 points honor and players could get relevant experience reward by system second. Experience value could rise with improvement of level. Lucky ones could get random mysterious gift.

More details and rules about the competition at Salar, in the Bourse, Recruit Base.

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