Age of Armor: Space War

Space War
It is the time to conquer the Space now!
Age of Armor 2nd Close Beta test has been running very smoothly, and thanks to those Mech fans, thanks for their in time bug reports and their suggestions, they are really doing us a big favor. To show our thanks for their help, we are going to open the high leveled PvP area—Space War. This is a special PvP area, as it is not only for the opposite site, but also for the one side civil war, that is to say, it is a free for all area, the kill mode is auto activated as one enter the area, the last one wins. However, if one just want to slay the monsters there for high level equipment, they can turn of the killing mode, but it only can keep one from civil fight, it have no effect on opposite sides.
The Space war consist of several areas, each area spawns some unique monsters, those monsters are of high level many of them are belong to enforced type and the bring high ranked armor parts, to collect those rank 17+ armor parts, one need to prove his courage and wisdom, as he is not just slaying the Monsters, he is fighting with other players who have the same aim. Wits contest would be the most interesting things for an MMO RPG..
Space War, opens in next week, for the most challenging game style, you won’t miss it anyway!
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