Age of Armor Wings of Dream Now Come True

Wings of Dream Now Come True

After several weeks busy working, the Age of Armor now embraces it brand new item, wings of dream.

As the main story of Age of Armor continues, the human beings had acquired the transforming technology from the Mystery Daron Legion, and been using those tech for the domain wars of the human beings between earth and Mars, as well as driving off the Daron Legion’s invasion. While the wars continue, the technology of weapon developing also runs at it highest speed, as connecting more and more with the Daron Legion, the semi-bio-mech technology was stolen by the humans as well, with this Tec support, the human beings developed some additional enhance gears to their battle machines, as the tradition belief of the human beings, the gears are shaped as the wings of the Angel and Demon. The Appearance of the new gears would confuse the enemies, and inner power of the wings would strengthen the armors as well.

But the technology is not perfect yet, some of the wings might become invalid in some days while being used, and some might remain their power eternally.

Beside this newly added wings, there are other new tec items added in game as well, such as the chipset attributes alternation chipset, it will alternate the attributes of the enhancers or skill chips. Transform their own attributes to others attributes.

There is another big modification of the server as well, in order to help new comers reach higher area and PVP area, The EXP rate of the Recruit base is 2.5timed, and the EXP rate of the Ice Planet is 1.5timed after this Patch. The drop rate is also timed at the same rate.

Beside these new updates, there will be more relative events for everyone to join in.

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