Age of Conan Adds Pit Master’s Arena

Age of Conan Adds Pit Master's Arena

Funcom’s Age of Conan just got a big update with the introduction of The Pit Master’s Arena. The arena is located in the Field of the Dead and allows players to fight for supremacy and win a host of powerful new rewards.

Throughout the years Age of Conan has amassed a huge number of pets. Players can collect all sorts of pets, from cruel demons to mighty basilisks and even massive dragons! Now players can face off against over 200 of these pets in brutal battles inside the arena.

Players can also fight each other in The Pit Master’s Arena. They can enter player versus player duels to determine who is the most powerful, and at the same time win awesome loot. The all new rewards include mounts, epic necklaces and powerful runes which give incredible bonuses.

The Pit Master’s Arena is a free update for all Age of Conan players. Find out more here.

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