AoW: Transcendence Releasing Soon w/ New 5th Internal Skills

Age of Wushu

Snail revealed details today about the new abilities available in the latest expansion to martial arts MMO from Snail Games, Age of Wushu: Transcendence, which will officially launch on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015.

In the new expansion, players can reach a 5th Internal Skill, a trait that heavily impacts character attributes. With this new higher level of Internal Skill, each school has new manuals with special skills available:

  1. Shaolin – Wushi Chi – Increased chance of Crit Hit
  2. Beggar’s Sect – Catch Dragon – Increased chance of Crit Hit and Splash Damage
  3. Royal Guards – Possessed by Ghost – Chance of defensive immunity/offensive Crit Hit boost
  4. Wudang – Dominating Dragon Blade – Increase endurance and speed during attack
  5. Wanderer’s Valley – Shadow-catching Bloodthirst – HP absorption for certain skill
  6. Emei – Nirvana Land – Creates damaging shield when in combat
  7. Tangmen – Extremely Soft and Cold Poison – Chance to inflict special poison effect
  8. Scholars – Phoenix Dancing and Singing – Movement damage and Damage Reduction boost when in combat

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