Alfheim Tales Online Introduces New Solo Instance

A new instance that can be played solo for Alfheim Tales Online has just been released called ” The Wheel of Time. Players can access the new instance from the Noah Plain, and enter into teleport gate and choose “The Wheel of Time (solo mode)”. Players that step into this instance for the first time will have to be on guard immediately, as enemies will be relentless towards all that step inside. Like with many other instances, this one will consume vitality points.

There is no chests rewards for completing this new instance. However, players will get medal rewards, instead, which can be exchanged for blue equipment prestige from Star City.

“Even though players can enjoy this instance by themselves, not all the adventures could be solely played. Remember to join hands with your friends and you will enjoy the adventure smoothly with more safety and a more joyful experience. Additionally, it will increase your friendship with other players. But still: play in solo or clash with mates are all your own call.”

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