All The Features Of The CS2 Game That Fans Are Falling In Love With

If you’re bursting into trying CS2 and fling yourself headlong into this long-time favorite game, you’re probably already wondering what surprises are waiting for you and where the changes lie – and that’s what we’re going to figure out today. CS2 has shot to the top of many games’ lists – no surprise given its history – and fans are going wild, but why, what’s happening, and what’s got us all raving?

CS2 has a bunch of new features to appeal to fans, like shorter rounds, overtime, and a CS Rating metric that’s part of the premier mode. With all the new interest that the recent release has sparked, more people than ever are playing, as well as being involved into professional esports as participants or bettors who are placing bets on CS2 tournaments, bumping up the publicity the game gets and helping it keep its place firmly in the “big league.” Let’s check out those new features so you know what the score is.

Inspect Grenades Feature

CS2 has now completely replaced CS:GO, but it’s brought with it some flashy new features that mean fans can’t really complain, even if they weren’t given any choice about the move. Lots of them are just little things, like the “inspect grenades” addition, but they make a big difference to the players, and let you fall in love with Valve’s spectacular creation all over again.

The “inspect grenades” feature is a flashy little addition that might not sound like much to write home about, but which lets you get a good look at whatever your character’s holding, whether that’s a Molotov, a decoy, a smoke, or anything else. With CS2’s approach to bumping up the graphics, it’s super impressive and just what every gamer wants: it looks like you’re really holding it.

Games are always getting more immersive, for sure, but this upgrade is definitely one to take note of. If you’re a fan of games that “do it right,” Valve’s approach will make you very happy here. It’s also accompanied by things like improved blood spatter effects, better grenade explosions, and more realistic fire from the Molotov’s. It does make the game a bit grittier and increases the gore factor, but boom, it looks good! There’s some debate about just how much this kind of thing matters, but CS2 is certainly delivering either way.

Cooler Skins

There have been some pretty big updates to the skins in CS2 as well; everything from CS:GO got carried over, but the new Source 2 engine has everything looking better than before. If you’ve picked up CS:GO cases and skin upgrades, you’ll probably love how they look now.

When you first launch the game, it’s worth taking a bit of time to just admire the visuals; check out how the sun picks up the details and how they change in different lights. The knives are particularly spectacular in the higher-resolution version, but all the gear looks pretty darn impressive in this update. On that subject, there are also new knives that are hopefully going to be making an appearance soon, known as Twin-Blade and Kukri. If blades are your thing, you’re in luck!

Responsive Smokes

One of the particularly big draws of the new game is the alterations that have been made to how smokes work; in the past, these just stayed in one place and while they looked okay, the graphics were nothing super special. Now, it’s a joy to watch how the smoke behaves – because it’s a heck of a lot more like real smoke. It gradually forms around the area the grenade was launched into, and visually, it’s a whole lot better too – meaning you can really immerse yourself in the digital and believe it’s really happening!

Audio Indicators

Another win for immersiveness and players that thrive on feeling like they’re really in the game, this new feature means that the radar shows you a visible indicator about your footsteps. Whenever you’re making a loud noise, you’ll see a ring around your character, and this tells you precisely when other players can hear you. That’s been coupled with the addition of actually showing your player’s legs (yay, it no longer looks like you’re floating!), which is a nice extra touch to make you feel like you’re really in the world.

Being aware of this sort of thing will make you a better player, too, helping you realize when you’re tipping off your opponents. If you’re not on the lookout for this sort of feature, you might be missing some crucial aspects that’ll put you in a new league of players.


Whether you are a die-hard CS:GO fan or you’re brand new to the game, you will find plenty about CS2 to love. It shows all Valve’s impressive passion for gaming, the lasting affection poured in by the fans, and just what can be done with today’s gaming gear when companies really try!

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