Ankama launches closed Beta version of Wakfu

Ankama is proud to announce the launch of the closed Beta version of Wakfu, its next tactical MMORPG. Scheduled for a Q4 release, the Java sequel to DOFUS is now entering its final development stage.

Improving the turn-based fighting system of DOFUS even further, Wakfu sets a new standard in massively multiplayer online games with its combination of battle tactics and role playing.

Set a thousand years after DOFUS, Wakfu sees the rise of the terrible Ogrest, an Ogre who has become the equal of the gods after gathering the six powerful dragon eggs called Dofus. The land of Amakna has now been flooded by the tears of Ogrest, as he pines for his lost love.

Being an atypical MMO, Wakfu features never seen before elements. The most important feature is clearly the absence of non player characters (NPCs), Wakfu will also establish a sophisticated political system where appointed player-governors will rule the various islands and their peers.

“Ecology will also be of utmost importance in the game, and players will have to act in order to keep their world alive and blooming.” says Anthony Roux, co-founder and Director of Creation.

This first version of the Beta features five of the twelve character classes. The first stepping stone in a global crossmedia project, Wakfu looks likely to set a new standard for online entertainment.

Closed Beta access keys will be distributed on partner websites where contests will be organized.

Players can already register in order to get newsletters about the evolution of the Beta, and to get a chance to be chosen on

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