AoA weapon system

Age of Armor—Weapon System

There are various kinds of weapons in Age of Armor, with different functions and usages. The weapon is the most important way in a fight; it can be divided into three general categories, 10 kinds of types and 6 grades. There are 6 grades in each rank with each grade in a different color, including gray, white, green, blue, purple and orange. Deeper color means more advanced it is.

The three categories are melee weapons, firing weapons and missiles.

Melee weapon, the physical collision, brought by weapons for fighting and the targeted objects during fighting, proves to be a source of damage against armoring at the bottom by working its way through the cover of energy. This function, not something every armor comes with, makes fighting weapons outstanding a field. It is beyond doubt that this kind of way of attacking is more for Enhanced Human, including Laser Falchion and Laser Sword.
Firing weapons, it is a traditional but effective way to use firing weapons to shoot enemies form faraway. The attack from faraway proves to be a big advantage, with the damage brought by this way of attack compromised by the cover of energy. All of the races are able to use any kinds of shooting weapons very well. Even Enhanced Humans have shooting weapons as supplements. The weapons for firing include bullet weapons, laser weapons, shrapnel weapons, electromagnetism, particle weapon and so on.
Missiles, the succeeding rate of either melee weapons or firing weapons depends more on the driver’s skill and armor’s capacities in radar. This kind of weapon comes with the ability to automatically search for targets to make sure 100% of a succeeding rate. The best thing about this kind of weapon is its consistence in damaging the target.
Pick the greatest one of your weapon and go to the battle with your friends.
The second closed beta will start on August 15th.
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