Archlord Announces Major Upgrades with The Dark Revelation Expansion

Archlord Announces Major Upgrades with The Dark Revelation Expansion



WEBZEN Inc. today unveiling the next major expansion in their Archlord franchise.



‘The Dark Revelation’ launches today with tons of new content and an excellent new item pack you can grab from our giveaway section!



The most significant feature of the expansion is the ‘Shrine’ system where players’ individual skills and team strategies are required to win. Shrine Coins can be earned by winning in Shrine battles to unlock powerful PvP gear.



Major cities have also been revamped with this update. The existing Human and Orc cities have been given some serious improvements to make them feel as the majestic capitals of their race should. The User Interface is also being looked at and Webzen appreciates any feedback the community can provide in this effort.



Additionally, skill rebalance of all Races will be applied based on players’ feedback and will also be updated constantly over the next few months. Other updates include an extended skill slot, a quest tutorial system, and item comparison features should get players pumped after requesting these features for quite some time.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said “Although there will be various changes in the expansion, we have endeavored to maintain the classicality of Archlord.” He also said, “With the expansion, we are anticipating Archlord to be completely recreated once again.”

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