[Asda Story]- Be my Valentine! Soulmates Special in Asda Story!

Asda Story represents Special Soulmate Parades.
1:1 Ultimate Party System where a male and a female partners have special mission to do in Asda Story. There will be many female users and male users all over the maps having their own unique quests. Special Soulmates will have special game skills which will help each other in a game. Summoning and Resurrecting skills will be achieved to use for themselves. Also each others’ skills will be shared. Soulmates can share skill points to increase their power to kill monsters.

Best Soulmates in Asda Story will be given with great rewards. By hunting together or dancing together, and capturing special moments in Asda Story with some messages. Soulmates will earn special items as well. This is better than catching two rabbits at once. [More Details : www.asdastory.com]

Come and find yourself a Soulmate and triple the fun at Asda Story’s Special Valentine’s Event with your Perfect Match.

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