Asda Story: Celebrate Valentine!

San Jose-based online game publisher, GamesCampus, announced today several love-themed events for its popular MMORPG, Asda Story.

Share Your Love Event
Share Your Love with lower level players this Valentine’s Day. GamesCampus will give a gift to users who are over level 24 (Gifts will be automatically granted to all users with level 24 or above and who are online at the time gifts are presented). Since this is a day of love and giving, these higher level players are encouraged to share these gifts with under level 24 players. GamesCampus will give these prizes three times a day and will include items like Vehicles, Health Potions, Experience potions and more. See the website for more details and the times the prizes will be offered.

My Valentine Pet Event
With the recent launch of the game’s new pet system. Asda Story players can now enjoy the fun of hatching their own pet eggs in the game. Pet eggs will now drop off of monsters on Regular Field Maps throughout the game up to and including Flammio. Pets provide an advantage to the player because while they are out they can gain experience and provide a stat bonus. Players can name their pets, take care of their nutrition and much more.
In celebration of Valentine’s Day, monsters will drop the following 4 kinds of characters “L” “O” “V” “E”. When the player double clicks these characters, it will be transformed into an egg which can hatch into a special pet. But watch out, if the pet has failed to level up before the event is over, the player’s new pet will disappear following the festivities!

Secret Candy Formula Event
Can candy really boost a player’s HP? This week it can! Players will be able to craft a Valentine’s Day candy following the special formula which will be available during this special Valentine’s event. This very unique Valentine’s Day gift can be crafted by using common items dropped from monsters.

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