Ashen Empires Goes F2P

Ashen Empires is a medieval fantasy MMORPG that enables players from around the world to interact with other groups and hunt for powerful artifacts. Players can gain knowledge in dozens of skills that keep the world functioning and cast magic spells to gain power. The game features dynamic quests that are scattered throughout the land, providing a world of endless possibilities to those who accept this challenge.
“It’s been our goal to end subscriptions since we became the first American MMORPG to introduce a token store,” says David Reese of Iron Will Games. “We believe that Ashen Empires is a must-play MMORPG for any fan of the genre, and now is the perfect time to try it.”
Current subscribers will be given membership time in the new VIP program which features many in-game perks, such as four extra backpack spaces, a shared account bank, personal pets, and bonus experience gain. VIPs are treated like real kings out of game, as well, with special offers and discounts as well as a free monthly grab bag of goodies from the token store.
VIPs can expect many more perks to come, such as VIP only art for the Dungeons of Dransik expansion. Dungeons of Dransik, also released today, features a free downloadable game editor called the Ashen Empires Content Creator. The easy-to-use tools in the Content Creator let players transform a blank canvas into exciting worlds with custom NPC’s, triggers, objects, teleporters, traps, conversations, and more. Players can upload their maps to the game servers then publish them for anyone to play and review.
Tokens, the micropayment currency used in Ashen Empires and the Pixel Mine Portal, were introduced in February of 2007 and can be traded or used to purchase expansions, in game enhancements, and other useful items.
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