Atari teams up with Bladerunner 2049/Audiowear for Speakerhats

Atari Speakerhat Editorial Image 1

Atari’s really determined to come back to the mainstream, guys. I think I believe in them. But, I was a little confused by the concept of a Speakerhat, but maybe that’s because I’m hard of hearing in one ear. I have to know how it will work for someone like me. Basically, it’s an Atari-branded hat [and later, Bladerunner hats] with these Audiowear speakers in them, so you can have your music without having to fear for headphones and such. I do wonder how disruptive they’ll be to people around me though. I have so many questions, many of which could be answered if I tried one out. Can I hook it up to my PC via bluetooth? Now that’d be interesting. The patented Speakerhat, combined with Multiplayer Mode, will enable multiple Speakerhat users to simultaneously listen to a single audio stream in perfect synchronization, a fundamentally new social audio experience. Speakerhats have been precision-designed and engineered to the highest audio standards to deliver a unique and powerful experience to a range of active consumers, including gamers, outdoor and fitness enthusiasts, skaters, musicians, sports fans, tech early-adopters and many others.  Michael Artz, COO of Atari Connect had this to say about the upcoming partnership:


“Atari has transcended its seminal gaming origins to become a true pop-culture lifestyle brand, but disruption remains deeply rooted in our DNA. With the recent reveal of our Ataribox project and now with Speakerhats, we envision a full range of connected personal devices that live at society’s intersection of entertainment, technology, and social connectivity that legendary film worlds like BLADE RUNNER 2049 foretell. Our new products will speak to a whole new generation of Atari fans, while also honoring the decades of affection and devotion by our most loyal ones.”

Atari Speakerhat Editorial Image 3

Now, in the fall there will be Bladerunner-themed Speakerhats. I wonder if they will be branded with the Tyrell Corporation Logo because that’d be pretty badass. Atari is making some big moves right now, with the Ataribox, which I hope to get my hands on and give you guys the scoop on, and the Speakerhats? Atari has always been an innovator, and even though some of those were not the greatest moves, they always push the envelope. I can’t wait to see how these come out.

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