BATTERY introduces Clan Battle Mode Update with massive prizes

WEBZEN introduced Clan Battle Mode (clan vs clan) for its FPS game, BATTERY Online, in South Korea.

The Clan Battle Mode can only be played in the ‘Explosion Mode’ between clan units. Anyone in a clan can enjoy the Clan Battle Mode from 4vs4 to 8vs8.

All experience that gamers earn in the Clan Battle Mode will be reflected on Clan Rankings, but the personal scores (kills, deaths, assists) will be recorded separately. The Clan Battle Mode will give gamers more experience and game points than usual.


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WEBZEN has scheduled many online and offline team and clan tournaments to promote gamers to play in team battles.

They also revealed new weapons such as ‘Desert Eagle Gold’ and gold-plated ‘KRISS SUPER.’ they plan to plate all event weapons in gold.

To celebrate the Clan Battle Mode Update, WEBZEN will give out a total of $20,000 worth of gift certificates every day for 20 days starting today to February 15. they will also offer $10,000 worth of total prize to high ranked active clans for 2 months.

Meanwhile, WEBZEN will hold “Internet Café – Team Tournament” which is the first offline game- play contest with $6,000 of total prize on February 20.

They will also hold a separate tournament on the day of the contest for the first 80 players with a BATTERY account. The players must create a clan consisting of 5 members to participate, and then sign up by February 6.

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