BATTERY Online Begins its First Game-play Contest

BATTERY Online Begins its First Game-play Contest


WEBZEN Inc. have announced their first offline in-game contest with $6,000 dollars of total prize for its FPS game, BATTERY, in South Korea.


Details released indicate that applications for the “Internet Café – Team Tournament” will begin on January 20th through February 6th. WEBZEN plans to select 16 teams by holding preliminary rounds.


Battery Online Grenade Explosion MMORPG

The contest will only be played in the Explosion Mode on randomly selected maps. However, participants are allowed to use their own characters and weapons without limit.


The players must create a clan consisting of 5 members to participate, and then sign up at the BATTERY website. All participants are only allowed to join one clan, and up to 2 players can be substituted.


WEBZEN will also hold a separate tournament on the day of the contest for the first 80 players with a BATTERY account. The final 8 winners from the tournament will win 100 dollars.


“This is the first official BATTERY tournament, and we hope to continue and make it an annual event from now on,” WEBZEN’s representative said.


“We already received many positive responses from the fans. The gaming-experience of playing against each other at the spot will be much different from online experience. This event will be very exciting.”


More details on BATTERY can be found at the official website.

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