Battle Frontline, Ready for Battle

Time to pay a visit to your enemies; do not forget to give your visitors a warm welcome.
First PVP Zone, Battle Planet will release on October 26 2007! Soldiers, get ready for battle!
Remember, this is a PVP zone, it is a Kill on Sight style area, no matter what kind of quest you are completing there, make a party to go, besides, Do neutralize every red names that showed on your screen, remember, your enemies are with same intelligence with you, they may assault you or they may form troops charge you and your teammates, you are on the enemies’ land. However, they will also pay you a visit too, and you can also prepare them a big banquet for welcome, make sure you can use the fittest tactics to complete your quests or stop your enemies from doing so.
Battle planet, tactics before actions, it is the time to test your leadership now!
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