Battle of Beasts: New Fantasy Browser Game Now Available

Battle of Beasts

upjers, the developer and publisher of renowned browser games has unleashed the pugnacious monsters of Battle of Beasts. Now all players can play the new fantasy RPG with strategy and battle elements in English.

The mythical world of Battle of Beasts is now finally open to the Anglophone world. Monster breeders can now set out on an adventure and build their own settlement. Of course, this includes accommodations for all sorts of combative creatures such as gigantic Wasps, mystical Basilisks and mysterious Nagas.
If fed and trained properly, these monsters will be very useful to players on the field of battle. The mythical Beasts you encounter in Battle of Beasts don’t just differ in appearance, but also in their skills in combat.

Special attacks are especially impressive. Crawlers can entrap their foes in sticky webs and immobilize them. The Basilisk, half bird, half snake, turns its enemies to stone with a single glance. Nagas, a snakelike creature from Indian mythology, can charm and confuse its opponents, making them turn on their allies.
With these battle-hardened monsters, players will launch conquest campaigns into unknown regions in Battle of Beasts. Once these are bent your will, you can collect tribute from your new subjects. But be careful: Your own gold reserves in your settlement can be plundered by other players. Therefore, beast masters should also make sure to fortify their realm with a watchtower.

In Battle of Beasts, upjers has created a spectacular fantasy adventure for your browser. Various features and options in this new RPG provide entertainment and long-lasting gaming fun. To keep your battle monsters content, you must establish an intricate production system involving growing crops and raising cattle. At the same time, you can dig for Gold in the mine and fortify your watchtower. But of course the focus of the game lies on the monster battles: these require strategic prowess, to vanquish your foes and expand your realm.

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