Beauty list of NPC in Elf Online World

Beauty list of NPC in Elf Online
Fairy Beauty: It’s not exaggerated to say that Fairy Beauty is the real model of all the female NPC in Elf Online ( either in appearance or deeds. She is bestowed with a flawless face and charming figure. She is the great master lives in Illusion Island. She is like a saint angel who blesses and prays for all the dreamland. She indeed deserves our admiration and respect.

Fang Zhinan & Yuan Zhibei
Players who have gone to West Carefree Village and Outer Dragon City may notice that the two guilds there look alike. It seems that they are twins. It doesn’t matter. What you can experience in person is they are not only appealing in external, but also warm-hearted in internal. You can go to them for whatever information you want, such as asking for the way, medical service, hotel reservation or body building etc, Dear adventurers, what kinds of service you are looking for? Come to them if necessary.

Dazzling Beauty: “I will devote my limit life to the infinite enterprise of curing evils in mainland!” —-It’s the philosophy of Dazzling Beauty, the Fond Illusion Respective. She makes up heavily and boasts a chubby figure. When breeze is skimming through the lake and lotus buoying above the water, her elegant posture and charisma will be brought out totally against the scenery background. But there is another saying that, beauty is the perfect disguise.

Miss Nightingale: Doctor in our society is a glorious career, so does it in the adventure world. Heal the wounded and rescue the dying is the lofty mission the Goddess endows to doctor. As the scholar skill master in the game, Miss Nightingale makes great contributions to her undertaking and she will receive more and more appreciation.

World No.1 Matchmaker
One lady we should never forget to mention is World No.1 Matchmaker. She has devoted half of lifetime to matchmaking career. Due to her effort, thousands of lovers have come together and grouped harmonious families. We should express our sincere thank to World No.1 Matchmaker who have witnessed all love and harmony.

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