Blacklight: Retribution Joins Forces with Electronic Sports League

Blacklight: Retribution Joins Forces with Electronic Sports League


Blacklight Retribution Esports ESL


Electronic Sports League (ESL) is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with publisher Perfect World Entertainment and developer Zombie Studios to introduce VERSUS, a competitive matchmaking system, to the award winning, free-to-play first-person-shooter, Blacklight: Retribution. Working closely with Turtle Entertainment, host of the largest global eSports platform with over four million users, Electronic Sports League, Perfect World Entertainment, and Zombie Studios are excited to offer FPS fans around the world a simple way to connect with one another in a competitive environment with the click of a button.



Make every kill count in Blacklight: Retribution with the new VERSUS matchmaking tool. With VERSUS, getting into the competitive eSports scene is effortless, allowing players to quickly select from a list of matches with players of a similar skill. Following the integration of VERSUS, Blacklight: Retribution players will be able to enjoy this new PvP experience that’s addictive and fun for veteran players and newcomers alike.



“Games are never more exciting than when you played a part in getting a meaningful outcome,” says David Hiltscher, Vice President of Gaming Communities at Turtle Entertainment. “With VERSUS and Blacklight: Retribution you can really make each game count, and with its integration it’s effortless too!”



“We are thrilled to be working with Turtle Entertainment in bringing the ESL into Blacklight: Retribution,” says Jared Gerritzen, Creative Studio Head at Zombie Studios. “With Blacklight: Retribution we set out to make the best F2P FPS possible and now adding ESL, we feel we have made the game even better. As we added ESL support we also updated major mechanics including the gunplay to make Blacklight: Retribution the best competitive multiplayer F2P game available.”

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