Blade & Soul Shattered Empire Update Goes Live

NCSoft has launched the Shattered Empire update to Blade & Soul NA and EU, including improvements in localization, previously teased new group content, and floors 9 through 15 of Mushin Tower as the ultimate test for solo PvE players.


For PvP players tired of butting heads in the same old arena, get ready to experience Whirlwind Valley! Gear restrictions are off, and the competition is on, as the best players can now enter 6v6 objective based competition. Show your max speed as you race for objectives, and then stand your ground trying to hold them against fierce competition.

Bug fixes arrive as well including a fix to the dance emote issue, as well as new sliders to reduce monster and background quality for those with lower end PCs.

For full details check out the patch notes here and overview page here.

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