Blood Rites launches in English speaking Territories

Blood Rites, Born With Fancy 3D Graphic This Valentine

Created by Chinese game developer Kongzhong Corporation (NASDAQ: KONG) elaborately, the 3D MMORPG – Blood Rites is officially announced to be coming soon for players in Europe, America and other English speaking territories. With innovative graphic performance and widely imaginative game experience given, Blood Rites will lead you to a most fantastic virtual world.

Amazing Game Quality Created by Top-level Developing Team

Developed under Kongzhong’s high standard, Blood Rites gathered the art designers from China, South Korea and US, using picturized skill, to prove you this great sensorial performance.

No matter in game technology, graphic quality or even the in-game playing, unique originalities can be seen everywhere in Blood Rites. The new 3D gaming method, top graphic render tech, fresh physics engine, 4 transferable occupations and a full-time company-elf; all these features will be opened to public one after another.

The Unique Elf World

Blood Rites creates a mysterious world of elf’s. Planet of Pandora, Illusion woods, snowland…. This entire beautiful scenes will attract your eye while your first time playing.


Hundreds of Elves to Fit Your Own Favor

Being a featured element of Blood Rites, elf system is the part you can never miss. Those lovely elf beauties can be your in-game company, follow you through quests or adventures. More than that, the elf cultivation system can allow you to cultivate your own divine elf, bring you an exciting experience.

Plenty of Game Features Will Be on Stage Soon

In order to provide our beta testers better experience, Blood Rites prepared a lot gaming contents, smooth PVP, massive wild battles, moving combat style, divine gear etc.  All these will be uncovered soon.

Want get the firsthand news of Blood Rites? Want to be the first line to experience all the game features? Our first Flash website for Blood Rites is coming soon! The battle can’t stay without you!

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