Bottom Tier News Update Vol. 4

Attention, Internet!

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Jason here from Bottom Tier! What’s been going on with us this week? A lot, quite frankly! On the stream news, I finished Final Fantasy X HD Remaster on Steam, and that night we tried as a stream to decide what I’d play next. Originally it was going to be Final Fantasy 8. However, Final Fantasy VI Randomizer was definitely decided on. What’s that you ask? It randomizes a version of FFVI including shops, traits, chests, what characters can use what weapons/armor, what spells Espers have, et cetera.  Even sprites! It’s so much fun. I’m letting streamers name stuff for me, so it’s been a lot of fun. Interested? Why wouldn’t you be? Feel free to check out Bottom Tier’s Stream! We normally stream Tues/Thurs/Sat, but I do solo streams whenever possible. Also look forward to a Winning Putt Golf giveaway, some more Overwatch, and Colton playing Tembo the Badass Elephant! Also, shoutout to Hirez for sending us cool skins to give away! Do YOU want cool skins for Smite? We have them! Not right now, but we have them sometimes! Stay tuned for fun times and cool giveaways.

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In Video news, I know we’ve slowed down a little, but Colton is still working on moving, so that’s been a bit harder to put together. But we dropped a new episode of Battleborn, and the Attack on Titan video! Those were a lot of fun! Watch them! We did hit 265 followers on YouTube though, which fills me with joy! We do have a lot of plans for the channel though. We’re planning a podcast, which we’ve recorded, which will likely be hosted here, MMOHuts, and on our YouTube channel. We’ll talk about anything gaming/wrestling related, and will most certainly have special guests, things of the like. If you have comments on stuff you’d like us to devote a show to, tell us! We’re always listening. Once the end of July happens, Colton moves to VA, and we’ll have a lot more time to get stuff done. I appreciate how patient our fans are, and while we aren’t really on the MMOHuts YouTube yet, I feel like we’d be a good fit for it. For now, find us here!

That’s all for now! Any suggestions, feel free to throw a comment here!



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