Bounty Bay Online adds new series of events

From October pirates and pestilence are going to make the Bounty Bay Online game world rather more unsafe. The publisher Frogster is set to launch a new series of individual in-game events on all of the sailor MMOG’s servers. The spread of these entertaining happenings ranges from pirate attacks on harbours and towns through to scavenger hunts back and forth across the world’s oceans. Dangerous freebooters are already rattling at the bars of their dismal prison cells, threatening to beset the historical world of exploration. Further dangers in the form of plague epidemics are also set to appear, as ships with highly infected crews sail into the harbours of Bounty Bay Online, or also when wild animals rage out of control, set free due to a mishap in their transportation to the royal zoo. Whole towns can become overrun with all manner of fierce creatures in the course of the events.
Another scenario revolves around the indigenous people of more exotic game regions, who now and then require fresh virgins for their sacrificial ceremonies. In all of these in-game events, players’ active cooperation is in constant demand. It is only through the use of combined forces that the community will be able to bring the situation on their server back under control.
These new series of in-game events of this kind will be running on each of the Bounty Bay Online servers from around October. Frogster will be announcing more details about each event in advance on the website, in the forum and via the in-game broadcast. Alongside these individual events, the regular automated Bounty Bay Online happenings, such as the popular hunting events, will continue to be available to all players every Wednesday and Sunday.
In the course of the fourth quarter 2009, Frogster will be publishing the biggest expansion of the sailor game world to date under the name ‘Beyond the Horizon’ according to current plans. Together with the new continent of South America and six new cities, the add-on will include five new character classes, an active pet system with four new companions, new instances, new PvP arenas and tournaments, new ranking systems and mini-games. In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available free of charge.

Bounty Bay Online - New Events in October

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