Bounty Bay Online: Trail of the Maya Starts Tomorrow

On 25th November the latest and up to now the most comprehensive ever add-on for Bounty Bay Online will be available on the servers. With the release of the add-on, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ next Wednesday, high level players will enter the demanding Maya group instance for the first time.
Hidden deep in the South American rainforest lies Salinas, the capital city of the Mayan civilisation. In the hinterland beyond this mysterious city, in the middle of the both beautiful and treacherous tropical landscape, impressive pyramids rise up to meet the sky. They are ancient silent witnesses to long-forgotten knowledge, unspeakable riches, but also bloody rituals. A few Mayan warriors still roam this territory today, guarding over precious relics and monuments of their culture, shrouded in legend. Players battle through this danger-ridden jungle full of viperous creatures until they finally reach the entrance to the Maya instance, right in the heart of the hinterland. This is where a daunting tropical territory awaits, in which aggressive ghost beings, predatory animals and yet more Mayan warriors lie in wait, guarding a mysterious treasure.
Together with the instance, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will also render the existing dungeons, such as the Mallorca Cave and the Cretan Labyrinth, playable by groups for the first time. Besides that, all instances in Bounty Bay Online will offer daily, well-rewarded quests with the upcoming expansion.
‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be the third and most comprehensive add-on for Bounty Bay Online to date. Together with the new instance it will provide over 250,000 European players with numerous new features such as the new continent of South America, six new cities, five character classes, new ships, an expanded pet system including new pets, new PvP arenas and tournaments and new ranking systems. In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available to download free of charge.

Rise of the Maya

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