Bounty Bay Online: Wedding System on the horizon

Even the most hard-boiled pirates and seafarers long for a little love and romance alongside the routine of combat and discovery. Therefore from 25th November, the new marriage system in the announced expansion ‘Beyond the Horizon’ offers all love-struck freebooters the opportunity to make their love official. 

There will be two NPCs in front of the church in London who will be at players’ disposal as wedding planners. Those wishing to marry can use them to reserve the London cathedral for the celebrations and also to get invitations for friends and the wedding dress, as well as decorations for the church. Players get these items for coupons which they can obtain via special quests or get from the Item shop.  On the other hand, the happy couple can buy wedding rings and the bride’s bouquet from the NPCs using in-game currency.

Once all of the arrangements have been made, the master of ceremonies and the most senior witnesses will lead the marriage pair through the wedding until the bond of marriage, accompanied by music chosen by the wedding guests, can be happily sealed. As a first wedding present, the newlyweds will receive an increase in their character values and a ring symbol next to their names will signal that they are now no longer there for the taking.

‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be the third and up to now most comprehensive add-on to Bounty Bay Online . It offers over 250,000 European players numerous new features such as the new continent of South America, six new cities, five new character classes, new instances, and an expanded pet system with new pets, new PvP arenas and tournaments, new ranking systems and a new mini-game. In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available to download free of charge.


Bounty Bay Online Wedding Sytem

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